Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements and Timing

The conditions for graduating are that during the standard 2 years of study, a student must take 40 credits or more and pass the examination of the project report. Of those 40 credits, students must take 22 credits or more in their chosen major field, including 4 credits of compulsory lectures, as well as 6 credits or more in some other major subject area.

What is the project report?

System for Certifying Courses Completed

Prior to entering Tokyo Tech, students may have the credits from courses they have completed at another graduate school approved and applied as credit for completed courses at Tokyo Tech, including for credits for required courses. However, the maximum number of credits that may be certified is 15.

Accelerated Graduation in 1 Year

By using the system for certifying completed courses, it is possible to complete the course at an accelerated pace of 1 or 1.5 years. For example, if a student had already completed 14 credits at another graduate school and these were certified, s/he could take 26 credits in one year and if they passed the examination of their project report, graduation in the short period of 1 year would be approved.

In the same way, for a working student it is possible to take 40 credits in one year and if their grades were excellent, and they passed the examination of their project report, they could graduate as a special case in one year.

For more detailed information please refer to the Course Guide.