Innovation Major
(PhD program)


In the interest of the Japan style of MOT being used not just in Japan, but sublimating it in a model that is used around the globe, it is necessary to take into account the changes that arise from differences in institutions and the times, and we cannot neglect things like academic systemization and theoretical research that are based on putting it into practical use in the framework of collaboration between industry, government and academia.

We established this graduate school at the doctorate level as well, the likes of which cannot be anywhere else in Japan, in order to meet the needs of working students who have a great deal of business experience and who wish to conduct further MOT research at a higher level.


The innovation major (PhD program) is aimed primarily at working students who have a great deal of experience in technology R&D and/or technology management. Students join Colloquium of Innovation Research 1 to 6 in the seminar format with their supervisors and organize their knowledge academically and conduct theoretic research based on their own practical experience.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, students must complete their doctoral thesis and have it pass. At the same time, depending on the students knowledge and/or experience up to that point, students may be required to take credits in the management of technology major (professional degree course).

The normal length of time to graduate is 3 years, but if a student already has completed a thesis and/or remarkable achievements related to the management of technology when they matriculate, and if their academic work is excellent after being admitted, it is possible to graduate in as little as 1 year.