Management of Technology Major
(Professional Degree Course: MA)


Japanese language skill (Japanese Language Test 2-Grade level) is required to study MOT at this program. The entrance examination (written and oral) is conducted in Japanese only.

Our course curriculum allows you to master MOT and cutting edge technologies

In order to create the leaders of tomorrow's technology management businesses, it is not enough just to provide knowledge about technology management. It is critical that the education provide the chance to get a feel for cutting edge technologies and the front lines of the businesses they are involved in, and develop a keen sense of recognizing what the problems are and the chance to network.

For that reason, we invite guest lecturers from industry leaders, who bring with them actual case studies of the innovations in their own cutting edge companies. These classes put an emphasis on in-class debate and group activities.

At the very same time, our campus-wide support system allows each individual student to select their Course Menu ala carte style according to their own interests and purposes; this means you can concentrate on and study selectively in the fields you wish—the specific technological courses and the areas of intellectual property management and financial engineering.

Curriculum Structure

From the creation of a new technology to its commercialization, we educate our students so they can take a leadership role in the strategy, management and operations necessary for effectively activating the innovation creation cycle. To put this in concrete terms, our comprehensive curriculum of MOT is grouped as follows so students can develop the 5 management skills, (1)technology creation, (2)securing & utilizing intellectual property rights, (3)creating a business, (4)technology management strategies for giving the business a direction, and (5)finance and IT for providing the business with a management infrastructure; and finally, the (6)leadership skills that are indispensable to becoming a future leader, such as a CEO or CTO in the various fields:

  1. Technology management strategy course group
  2. Intellectual property course group
  3. Finance & information course group
  4. Seminars & project research
  5. Technological course group

Students can have a great deal of latitude in selecting and customizing their study menu according to their personal interests and purposes especially from group E. technology courses, which are specialized subjects taught in our 3 undergraduate schools and 5 graduate schools.

Seminar in Research Activities (Colloquium of Management of Technology)

Students  in a Seminar
Students  in a Seminar
Students in a Seminar

Seminars are regularly held in every lab. With just a few of the best and brightest, the seminars turn into an enriching experience full of animated discussions and exchanges. And with working students bringing their breadth of experience to bear, it is just the spot for interactive and intellectual stimulation.