Academic Programs

Management of Technology Major

The major in management of technology (professional degree course: MA) has technology management strategies at its core, and is set up with 3 areas of educational research--intellectual property management, finance and IT.

The program is mainly aimed at working persons who are engaged in technology based business. It produces leaders who can take a global perspective and implement management that leverages the innovation creation cycle strategically and creatively.

Furthermore, we enrich required courses in the fields of intellectual property management and financial engineering. We also aim to train people who are ready to hit the ground running in companies, local governments, international agencies and organizations that lead collaboration between industry, government and academia as specialists in the fields of intellectual property management or financial engineering according to students' needs.

Innovation Major

The innovation major (PhD program) is primarily aimed at working persons who have a great deal of experience in the development of technology and/or management; the students can organize their knowledge academically and conduct theoretic research based on their own work experience. We develop talented individuals who can lead the development of MOT, in addition to teaching and/or doing research in the field of MOT.

Graduate School of Innovation Management